“It has been lovely to form an association with Nicholas and Le Third Floor so that Abbey Road can offer their mastering services to all the major music companies in France. And great fun too working with Nicholas, makes all our lives much easier!” – Lucy Launder, Head of Mastering. Abbey Road Studios.

Book Abbey Road studios via Le Third Floor, we will look after your assets, masters and deliver the best work ever!

“I have been working with Nicolas/ Le Third Floor on various projects for the last 20 years. Most recently with artists Tony Remy & Idir. The music is always interesting & the productions sparkle. Nicolas has a sound background in music production. Including engineering sessions for legends like Charles Aznavour. Sessions are always fun & I wish we saw more of him here at Abbey Road. All the best for the future.” – Geoff Pesche. Senior Mastering Engineer. Abbey Road Studios.


Abbey Road Mastering Studios: We represent Abbey Road Mastering Studios for France. Some of France’s top artists have had their work mastered at Abbey Road. (Abbey Road Website).

Mastering service at Abbey Road: Abbey Road’s unrivalled combination of award winning engineers and unique portfolio of vintage and state-of-the-art equipment has seen it become a leader in audio mastering.


Engineers: Geoff Pesche and Frank Arkwright, and Sean Magee.


Engineers: Alex Wharton and Geoff Pesche and Frank Arkwright.

Mixing at Abbey Road: 2 new studios, the Front Room, Ideal For Smaller Recordings and the Gatehouse, Contemporary Tracking Studio And Live Space.

The studios offer a unique blend of digital technology alongside custom built vintage equipment. Many of the world’s most celebrated artists, producers, composers and orchestras have worked at Abbey Road and it continues to attract generation after generation of remarkable talent.






Mixing for France major companies and labels with Chris Bolster in the Penthouse studio at Abbey Road.

Mixing for France major companies and labels with Chris Bolster in the Studio 52 at Abbey Road!


Abbey Road Studios launch! Proud to be part of Abbey Road family! Superbe events for the new studios! (photo by Andy Parardise).


The home of countless landmark recordings and technological breakthroughs, Abbey Road Studios has played an integral role in the evolution of modern music. The first purpose-built recording studio in the world, Abbey Road has striven to be at the forefront of musical endeavour for more than 80 years, and houses a number of technically advanced recording and mixing facilities.