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“It has been lovely to form an association with Nicholas and Le Third Floor so that Abbey Road can offer their mastering services to all the major music companies in France. And great fun too working with Nicholas, makes all our lives much easier!” – Lucy Launder, Head of Mastering. Abbey Road Studios.

Europe is Le Third Floor’s specialty and they have delivered artists and clients from France, Spain, USA, UK, Italy and more, providing them with multi media services and recording, mixing and mastering. Le Third Floor are very happy to have re-opened the French market to London, and are now bringing significant business from France. Our clients are Sony Music, Universal Music, TF1 TV channel, XIII BIS, Warner Music as well as many other independent labels. Le Third Floor has delivered more than 500 tracks in mastering jobs in the past year from France and UK! Read more at

“I have been working with Nicolas/ Le Third Floor on various projects for the last 20 years. Most recently with artists Tony Remy & Idir. The music is always interesting & the productions sparkle. Nicolas has a sound background in music production. Including engineering sessions for legends like Charles Aznavour. Sessions are always fun & I wish we saw more of him here at Abbey Road. All the best for the future.” – Geoff Pesche. Senior Mastering Engineer. Abbey Road Studios.

“Always a pleasure working with Nico. I love the variety of music that Le Third Floor bring to me for mastering, I’m always excited to hear what I’ll be working on next and look forward to many more years working together to make music sound it’s absolute best!” – Stuart Hawkes. Mastering Engineer at Metropolis Studios, London.

Le Third Floor are appointed as Abbey Road’s mastering partner. Le Third Floor, founded and owned by Nicolas Bulostin, has been appointed as Abbey Road’s mastering partner for France. The company, which is two years old and has already worked on records with combined sales of over seven million, is now looking to bring a huge variety of artists and projects to the globally famous studio. Read more at

Le Third Floor is an Innovative Creative Media Strategy Consultancy Connecting London to Europe and Europe to London. Le Third Floor bring business from Europe. Le Third Floor is independent and based in London. At Le Third Floor we are very proud of our close personal connections across Europe and beyond with key figures and executives in the creative industry, major companies and brands This is the key to our success “People & Relationships” Read more at

Tileyard Education have partnered with PSI Audio to provide our students with the very best in near field monitoring in our production writing rooms and our recording studio control room. PSI Audio has developed to become a respected worldwide brand, producing the ultimate professional studio monitors. PSI Audio now offers a full range of highly innovative speakers with cutting edge fully analogue technology. Read more at

SGA CEO Zach Hanoun, said: “Our mastering services are provided by Metropolis UK. We take care of your projects from Paris, we send them to our partner Le Third Floor who handles them directly at Metropolis Mastering in London in order to ensure the highest monitoring quality that we can on a day-to-day basis. Then, you can come to the studio and listen to your songs mastered by the most revered engineers on the planet.” Read more at

Le Third Floor CEO Nicolas Bulostin, added: “I had the idea to create an alliance between the two biggest recording studios in Europe – Metropolis Studios and Studio de la Grande Armee (SGA). SGA has been established in Paris for more than 45 years, but they do not have their own mastering department. I suggested that Le Third Floor could offer SGA mastering services at Metropolis and provide a bespoke service for their clients. “Metropolis benefits from increased business from France, and SGA benefits from the mastering services of top engineers and Le Third Floor makes this alliance possible by overseeing the process on a daily basis.“European and international business openings are the key to success in our creative multi-services music business.” Read more at

“Nicolas Bulostin – Creative Media Consultant
Nicolas started his career as a musician and rapidly got interested in music production. He then started several music labels and music publishing organisations. More recently he turned to creative media consultancy in the music industry. Nicolas joins PSI Audio’s team in 2016″. Read more at

“At Le Third Floor we make sure everything goes to plan. From our in-house office and studio we are able to look after your artists, mixing, mastering and more”, said Nicolas Bulostin, Le Third Floor. Read more at

Metropolis eyes European expansion with new partnership.

“We here at Metropolis are excited to welcome our new partners Le Third Floor as creative consultants, and are fully confident that our work together will enable even greater reach to new audiences abroad.”
Ian Brenchley – CEO Metropolis Studios

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Metropolis Studios has the privilege of being able to work with some of the world’s leading music industry names and brands. Their products and services allow us continue to push the boundaries for our clients in the recording, mastering and publishing spheres. In collaboration with Le Third Floor – our independent European focused music management consultancy – Metropolis are continuing our long tradition of working with best of the best. Read more at

Metropolis Studios are pleased to welcome Nicolas Bulostin & Kevin Reynolds (aka Le Third Floor) to the Powerhouse Complex. Le Objective: Le third floor is focused on developing European business and brand strategy for clients looking to maximise their global media and music ventures.With over 20 years of experience and contacts in the global music industry, both Nicolas and Kevin are well set to support the development and delivery of a client’s ideas, projects and products to market.Read more at